Corporate Brands Vendors

Welcome to Kroger Corporate Brands! You have been selected to supply our customers with quality products at the best value in the industry. We need you to read and comply with all the requirements outlined in the documents attached to the links below. These documents are contained in five areas: Legal, Logistics, Accounting, Procurement and General.

Our suppliers, local or global, are essential to accomplish our mission: Build loyalty to our stores with exclusive, preferred brands.

Please proceed to the links below. Call your Kroger representative if you have any questions.


Corporate Brand Addendum Document

Standard Vendor Agreement (SVA) document  

Confidential Mutual Disclosure Agreement 



Instructions and Requirements for Vendor Request Forms 
New Vendor - Address Name Change Forms


General Procurement Guidelines


Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) Guidelines
Send Samples List
Shipping Container Specifications
Kroger Corporate Brands Portfolio - Print Minimum Requirements 
NUVAL Corporate Brands Supplier Letter 10.21.11 
Kroger Corporate Brands New Item Sample Process